Succession Certificate for NRI

    Succession Certificate for NRI

    NRI Lawyers for Succession Certificate: Assisting you in obtaining your ownership rights

    Transfer of ownership is a legal transaction that requires people to follow certain procedures to gain the title of the property.

    Wills and trusts is a way through which people can choose a successor to their property. Although it is advisable to have a will to circumvent legal disputes after the death of the owner, intestate deaths are very common.

    In case of intestate deaths, the liability of choosing a successor falls on the court, which after due investigation, declares the rightful owner of the property by issuing a succession certificate.

    What is a Succession Certificate

    Succession Certificate is issued by a local civil court to the legal heirs of the deceased, authorising them to have the assets transferred on their name. It also passes on the liabilities of the deceased to the successor.

    For example, if the wife of the deceased wants to claim the insurance or FD of her husband, she will have to provide the succession certificate to the concerned authorities, to prove her claim.

    Succession certificate is mandatory to claim the movable property of the deceased like bank accounts, Fixed Deposits, insurance claims et cetera, as most of the institutions checks the authenticity of the claim before initiating the transfer.

    A succession certificate must be supported by the death certificate, letter of administration and no objection certificate for successful transfer of the property.

    NRIs face some hassle in obtaining succession certificate as filing for succession certificate is a legal procedure. It would be a wise decision to consult a NRI lawyer for succession certificate, for a speedy process.

    Process of obtaining a Succession Certificate

    1)Application – The first step is to apply for the succession certificate in the district court, in whose jurisdiction the deceased lived at the time of his/ her death. The same case has to be applied where the assets or part of assets of the deceased are located. A NRI lawyer for succession certificate will help you understand the legalities, in case the assets are located in different jurisdictions. Being an expert in dealing with succession disputes, exclusively for NRIs, NRI lawyers for succession certificate are equipped with ways that will prove extremely helpful.

    2) Details  – The application form for succession certificate must be completely furnished with the required details to avoid any delay in the legal process. The applicant is required to fill in his name and relationship with the deceased, name of all the legal heirs, details about the death – time, date and place in the application. He/she must also attach the death certificate along with the application.

    Your appointed NRI lawyer for succession certificate will assist you in completing all the required paperwork.

    3)Procedure – Once the application is filed in the court, it issues a notice in the newspaper about the impending transfer. If no one contests the claim of the application during the time period mentioned in the notice, usually 45 days, the courts issues the succession certificate.

    The document issued by the court legally establishes the rights of the applicant on the property of the deceased. Along with the title of assets, the beneficiary also inherits the responsibility of honouring the debts and commitments attached to the property.

    A NRI lawyer for succession certificate, will break down for you, your rights and duties according to the succession certificate issued by the court.

    If the court receives any claim against the petitioner, the matter will be taken up in the civil court to resolve the dispute. Here also, a NRI lawyer for succession certificate can offer better advice on how to go ahead with the case.

    Once the dispute is settled, the whole procedure will have to be repeated, to gain the succession certificate.

    NRIs usually face situations where the relatives put in the claim for the property, disregarding their interests in the property. Contesting the claim to the succession during the process of obtaining succession certificate is the most fitting way to nip the dispute in the bud.

    Consult a NRI lawyer for succession certificate, to know in detail the provisions available to you to contest your claim.

    NRI lawyers for succession certificate are experts in handling the cases of succession certificate, including the dispute of NRIs. With an extensive experience of practicing the law and resolving the issues of NRIs, they have a deep understanding of the irritants and the methods to iron them out.

    A NRI lawyer for succession certificate has an eye to find the suitable solutions for each case.

    Not all disputes of succession need to go to the litigation, a large number of them can be settled through negotiation and arbitration by a seasoned NRI lawyer for succession certificate.

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