NRI Lawyers for NRI Property Disputes

    NRI Lawyers for NRI Property Disputes

    Solve your Property disputes with NRI Property Dispute Lawyers

    Property has, since time immemorial, been a reason for dispute in society and families. In today’s world, these disputes have only multiplied, with reasons varying from succession disputes, tenancy disputes, illegal possessions, frauds by dealers etc. Although all the property disputes are usually nasty and tiresome, the problems only increase in case of  NRI’s. NRI’s are more susceptible to property disputes owing to the fact that they have only short visits to India and are unaware of the present property laws or the property market of the land. They usually rely on their relatives, friends or agents and brokers to handle their property, which most of the times becomes the main reason of the dispute.

    Property Disputes forms a major portion of NRI litigation in the country, with a good number of cases of fraud by property dealers or agents. The brokers and property dealers lure the NRI clientele with flashy ads and false promises and ultimately dupe them of their hard earned money. In the recent years, the cases of succession disputes and illegal possession of the NRI property has also been on the rise. In such cases, NRI’s are generally caught unaware and struggle to find the right way to tackle the situation. Here comes the role of NRI property dispute lawyers. NRI property dispute lawyers are the legal professionals who have the expertise in dealing with property related cases of NRI.

    The litigation process is a long and tiresome. And in case of tenancy and succession disputes, the law of India, might not support the victim, as the civil law is based on ‘anything that plaintiff suggests, it must prove’. So up until, the plaintiff, in this case NRI, proves his right, the possession remains with the other party only. As the dispute can be in court for years, this only adds to the agony of the plaintiff or NRI. There are alternative measures present like arbitration, conciliation etc, but in the high-value cases, these often fail. All these legal processes are best handled by expert NRI property dispute lawyers for they have the specialised knowledge of handling such cases. NRI property dispute lawyers cannot make the law any easier but they for sure do make the process less cumbersome and tiresome. They will act like your knight in shining armour in protecting your property rights.

    At LexLords Management, we have a team of expert NRI property dispute lawyers, who will guide you through the whole process. NRI property dispute lawyers will advise you according to the nature of your dispute, whether to go ahead with the litigation only or to try and solve the case outside the court. For this, our team of NRI property dispute lawyers include both litigation experts and arbitration experts.

    Our NRI property dispute lawyers understand that litigation is not only a tiresomely long procedure but is also very expensive. Our main motive is always to offer you the best solution, so our team of NRI property dispute lawyers take well planned and thoroughly thought-through steps to be able to resolve the whole dispute in minimum possible time and expense.

    Though it is impossible to evade property dispute by 100%, we do suggest some precautionary steps to reduce the risk factor.

    1. Title Search – Title search is an important step, often missed out in India, that can help reduce the fraud cases by a considerable number. Title search essentially means to verify whether the seller is the real owner or not and if he is, is he entitled to further make the sale. It is conducted by a legal professional or an expert title researcher, who checks out the old title rights, usually upto the last 33 years at the local registry office to make sure that the property is clear for further sale. Title search is also conducted to look for any impending dispute or litigation of the property. As your legal team, we also verify the exact property location, whether the construction or any amendment made is lawfully acceptable or on what terms can the alterations be made to the property and such.

    We try our best to avoid dispute or litigation, but in case they do happen, our NRI property dispute lawyers will help you sail through the trouble.

    1. Cross-check your agreement with your lawyers – It is always wise to have a lawyer onboard during the sale and purchase agreement as they are the best suited people to understand any legal term and its implication. It is often seen that dealers and brokers often indulge in malpractices, and sell non-existing properties through fake documents and favourable clauses. Once hired, we make sure to do all the research about the seller as well as broker and cross-checking of the agreement by experts to ensure a secure and smooth transfer of property.

    But if somehow, discrepancies do occur and lead to the litigation, our NRI property dispute lawyers, have it covered for you with their experience and expertise.

    1. Succession disputes – It is often seen that succession disputes are the most difficult and messy to solve as it involves a family. In succession disputes, the most common scenario is of an NRI being divested of his share in the ancestral property by his kith and kin residing in India. In case of will, it becomes easier to prove the right although, wills can be forced, forged or destroyed to stretch or dissolve the case in the court of law. Our NRI property dispute lawyers will try their best to prove your right to property as a justifiable claim. Our NRI property dispute lawyers will help you get a claim your share of the ancestral property, even if the person dies intestate. Our NRI property dispute lawyers are the best in industry, with litigation procedures as their area of expertise.