NRI Lawyers for Estate Management

    NRI Lawyers for Estate Management

    Plan your Investment with the best NRI Estate Management Lawyers

    Real-Estate is much more than just bricks and walls! It is your hard-earned money; it is the dream you have built over years and that is how we treat every account, like a precious dream, with utmost precision and perfection. At LexLords Estate Management Services, our niche lies in dealing with Non-Resident Indian, Persons of Indian Origin and Foreign National looking to invest in property in India or searching legal solutions. As a Consortium of leading lawyers, wealth planners, CA’s and administrative experts, with an expertise and experience in the domain of Estate Management Services, we are committed to offer not only the best solution but also the best possible experience.

    At LexLords Estate Management Services, we have successfully served a diverse clientele, with different needs and backgrounds, and offer a complete range of Estate Management Services. Our NRI Estate Management Lawyers and the team, having catered to every aspect of estate management, be it buying the right property or settling an old inheritance case, offer a tailor-made solution that matches your individual requirement.

    Our wide array of services include:

    Asset Management – The most important part of the Estate Management Services is the correct Asset Management. Asset management means proper administration of residential, industrial or commercial assets and making sure that every document is in its place. It will enable the owner, in not only safeguarding the asset but will also help in its further growth. We make sure that every detail is as per the norms and regulations to avoid any legal hassle. Our NRI Estate Management lawyers will not only chart out the perfect strategy for your assets, but will also guide you on some essential matters like sale and purchase, rent management, etc. Apart from this, our NRI Estate Management Lawyers also have a vast experience handling the litigation cases, in case need arises.

    Succession Planning – It is imperative to have a proper succession plan in order to avoid any chaos and litigation process in the future. It is the job of an NRI Estate Management Lawyer to provide the client with a solution that matches his unique requirement as no two clients have the same business structure. We lay out a plan keeping in mind all the legal regulations, tax implications, risk and opportunities attached with the business or personal property, that helps them understand and take an informed decision. We make sure that we offer every possible service to smooth out the very process for our esteemed clientele.

    Planning Charitable Trusts

    We offer a complete solution for all the legal and consultation needs of trusts, be it a charitable trust or a private trust. We understand the unique requirements of such institutions and has a team of NRI Estate Management lawyers with a expertise in this particular domain. We also offer services to the other tax-exempted institutions, that include consultancy, legal aid and financial advice.

    As a company with an expertise in NRI Estate Management, our NRI Estate Management lawyers are well-versed with not only the laws the land but also have considerable knowledge of international laws, making it easier for our clients to deal with taxation rules. We help make your plan reach its zenith easy and smooth.

    Estate Planning

    Our NRI Estate Management Lawyers, having vast experience in the estate management services, boasts of expertise in managing a clientele with diverse backgrounds and needs efficiently. At LexLords Estate Management Services, every client is offered a tax strategy keeping in view their individual requirements, and goals. Our NRI Estate Management Lawyers will chart out a plan that is concurrent with the latest tax regime, and other central and state laws, and are flexible enough to alter in case of future changes. Our NRI Estate Management Lawyers are committed to serve you with the best.

    We have, in the past, helped our clients in setting up trusts for the philanthropic purposes, prepared wills to avoid chaos in the succession process, managed estate transfers and much more. We assure unmatched services with required expertise and experience.

    Resolving Dispute & Litigation

    We are a team of wealth planners and litigators that work jointly to offer our clients an efficient solution to Disputes and Litigation procedures. Our NRI Estate Management Lawyers are expert, with a distinguished reputation in the industry of resolving even the most difficult disputes through proper planning and litigation process.

    At LexLords Estate Management Services, our first instinct is always to resolve an issue amicably through arbitration, mediation and such alternative mechanisms of dispute resolution, as we understand the sensitivity of the cases arising out of disputes within the family and friends. Our NRI Estate Management Lawyers leave no stone unturned in resolving the issue with as less damage as possible.


    Proper Tax Planning

    Efficient tax planning is the base of an efficient Estate Management. At LexLords, our team of CA’s and NRI Estate Management Lawyers, work as a team to offer every clientele a tax plan that is coherent with their business and personal goals. We offer customised solutions to trusts and estates, to avoid any future misgivings on part of the authorities.

    In case of any tax dispute, our NRI Estate Management lawyers and CA’s represent the case in front of the appropriate authorities and try to achieve the best possible solution for the clients. We also offer other services such as tax auditing, appeals and such.

    Probate and Administrative Services

    Our NRI Estate Management lawyers hold expertise in probate, assisting the client at all stages from filing a petition or appointing an administrator in case there is no will to the litigation process, in case need arises. Our teams of expert NRI Estate Management Lawyers, CA’s, wealth planners and administrative experts also help NRI clients in other processes, including but not limited to asset evaluation, documentation, tax-filing etc. to help them manage their wealth and estate in a more refined and strategised manner, enabling them to grow their wealth.