Neighbour Disputes


When it comes to neighbour disputes noise probably features on the top of the list of common causes of disputes between neighbours. Others including odour, dust, lack of light, branch and root encroachment, and trespass also cause their share of disputes. Development is usually the root cause of most of such disputes. It could be something as mundane as building a new fence or something more complex, such as constructing a new extension, basement or penthouse.

Planning permission is generally required for any substantial development. This gives a neighbour an opportunity to challenge such a scheme before construction begins. In case permission is granted for a development plan then the owner/developer and any aggrieved neighbour might consider seeking advice on a range of legal issues including party wall, trespass and right of light issues, and common law nuisance. Landlord and tenant issues also have to be taken care of in case the development is related to buildings such as blocks of flats.

Our team gives advice to owners and/or developers and aggrieved neighbours about all sorts of neighbour disputes.

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