Disputes between co-sharers

    Disputes between co-sharers

    Avail services of seasoned NRI Lawyers in Chandigarh for disputes between co-sharers

    Property ownership is a sensitive matter that must be handled with due diligence. A botched up ownership deed can result in disputes and legal troubles in future. So, it is prudent to have a detailed knowledge of different types of ownership and if the need arises to take an expert advice.

    Property ownership can be classified as:

    1)Sole Ownership – It refers to the property whose ownership rights lie with a single individual. A sole owner has all the rights on the property and can take any decision regarding it. In case of his death, the property will go through probate, and will be transferred to the legal heirs.

    2)Joint Ownership – When two or more people have share in a common property or asset. Joint Ownership can further be divided as:

    i) Joint tenancy with survivorship rights – In such type of ownership, all the owners share an equal right on the property and any one of them can make decisions on behalf of others, although, this does not apply in case of mortgage and sale. The survivorship right, means that in case of death of any one owner, his share will automatically transfer to the others without the need of probate.

    ii)Tenancy in common – In tenancy in common, the share percentage of each owner is specified in the documents. Although, a single owner still can take decisions on behalf of others, but in case of death his share will be transferred to the nominated person or his legal heir and not to the other owners. Also, he has the right to mortgage or sell his share of property, without consulting others.

    3)Title by Contract – Title by contract is applicable on transfer of bank accounts, intellectual property, life insurance etc. During the lifetime, the owner has the full rights over the assets but after his death, the title is transferred to the nominated beneficiaries. This type of title transfer need not go through the probate.

    Joint tenancy with survivorship rights and tenancy in common are two most popular type of ownership sought by people today. There are lot of reasons that contribute to it, like sky high prices of property, rising stature of women in society, ease in succession of rights etc.

    The people having shares in a single property are called co-sharers. While having co-sharers is a choice, there come times when this choice goes awry.

    Disputes are not uncommon amongst family members and partners, but when it involves a share in property, things can get murky. Such disputes are more common where one of the co-sharer in a NRI. If you are a NRI, facing troubles with the co-sharers, consult a NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers on an urgent basis. NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers are lawyers who works exclusively on NRI disputes.

    Reason of dispute between co-sharers

    There can be various reason for dispute among co-sharers, including:

    1) Not knowing the exact portion of land or property in possession – Although the share of each co-sharer is maintained in the land revenue records, there is no mention of the actual area each co-sharer possess. It often becomes an issue of dispute among different co-sharers as well as forms the basis of other disputes.

    2) Due to sale or mortgage – In joint tenancy with survivor ship rights, no co-sharer can mortgage or sell the property without the consent of others. Any breach in this understanding leads to dispute. The trouble in tenancy in common arises if one co-sharer sells more than his share of land. In such situations, other co-owners can consult a NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers, to know the legal umbrella available to them.

    3)Fraud or Illegal possession – It is often seen that, if any one of the co-sharer is NRI, the other co-sharers try to take over his/her share of land and revenue rights. Such attempts of illegal possession not only breaches the terms of joint ownership but adversely affect personal relations too. In case of fraud, sooner you seek a NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers, stronger will your case be.

    In case any dispute arise in joint tenancy, it is sagacious to consult an expert NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers. A NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers, has years of experience in sorting out such disputes. Once you appoint a NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers, for your case, he/she will conduct an extensive study of the terms of your agreement and the act of breach to chalk out a strategy to take the case forward. NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers are seasoned professionals who have had in past resolved hundreds of cases further NRI clientele.

    It is imperative to avail the expertise of a NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers to minimise the damage, both monetary and emotional.We understand that disputes with family and friends are not easy to handle, and you might wish for it to settle down of its own in due course, but that just might land you in a worse situation. Any experienced NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers, would suggest you to start the redressal as early as possible to have better chances at solve the dispute in an amicable manner.

    As a leading company, offering services of expert NRI lawyer for dispute between co-sharers, we often come across situations, where had the case been taken up earlier, the losses would have been bare minimum.

    Our NRI lawyers for dispute between co-sharers, are experts with a flair of finding a solution that can keep the parties on amicable terms. But, in case of nasty disputes, you can be assured that our NRI lawyers for dispute between co-sharers will go to lengths to win the litigation for you.

    You can go about your business, leaving your worries to our team of NRI lawyers for dispute between co-sharers, who will work round the clock to settle your disputes in an efficient and timely manner.